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[AUDCST062] Mystified - Night Wheel

About the release -

Artist(s): Mystified
Release Title: Night Wheel
Label : Audiocast Productions
Label Code: AUDCST062
Released: 2012-02-02
Bit Rate/Format: 320kb/s MP3
Genre(s): Electronic, Drone, Experimental


Description -

"Night Wheel" by mystified is an eclectic combination of tracks using predominantly home recorded sounds from instruments like the trombone, overtone flute and kazoo. It is quite an awesome mixed bag. There is a twisted version of a classic Christmas song. An electro-acoustic chase sequence track. There is a song using fractally mixed homemade percussion and blown bottle sounds. And there is much more, besides, to hear-- so-- check it out!


Track list -

01 â Mystified - Hot Pursuit
02 â Mystified - Clear And Simple
03 â Mystified - No Path But Ahead
04 â Mystified - Economics In The Air
05 â Mystified - Bottle Soup
06 â Mystified - Silent Night
07 â Mystified - Washer Drone
08 â Mystified - Wheel Of Labor Wheel Of Hope
09 â Mystified - Outside Its Free


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License -

Creative Commons: Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 Unported


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